Matt Eley | Labs | Stardust X-Wing Engines Demo

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A cool demo combining Papervision3D and the Stardust Particle Engine to add particle effects to a 3D model.

The aim was to update John Grden's legendary Papervision3D X-Wing model - as seen in this classic papervision demo - and really bring it to life with some nice animated 3D particle effects. Using Stardust's built in Papervision extension I've added the classic red glow of the Star Wars X-Wing engines and animated those engines firing as the ship accelerates away from camera. It really is cool to see just how much little effects like these can add to what is already an excellent 3D model.

Please note, it does take a little while to load in the model so you might just see the stars at first.


Move the mouse around the screen to change the camera angle, then press and hold the left mouse button to fire up the engines.


Download the source code for this demo.

Notes: The Stardust Particle Engine and Papervision3D are required to compile this demo.
The awesome X-Wing model was created by John Grden and is available from the Papervision3D downloads page.