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This is a simple example of the VizualPV3DPhysics class. This class adds some basic JibLibFlash physics library integration to the VizualPV3DLoader class that I wrote a while ago to load xml scenes that had been exported from VizualPV3D.

In this demo all the blue objects are generated by the class using this xml file, while all the white objects have been added afterwards in ActionScript. Each blue cube that was loaded from the xml file is then added to the physics engine and made accessible by name so that the calling class can move and animate these physics objects as needed.

Sure this is a very basic demo, but hopefully it shows how the class can be used to combine Papervision3D, VizualPV3D and JigLibFlash.


You can use the arrow keys to move the ball around, and also use the space bar to make it 'jump'.


Download the source code for this demo.

Note: The demo source code requires Papervision3D, JigLibFlash and TweenMax to run.